Why you shouldn’t hire an unlicensed electrician

When hiring an electrician always ensure that the electrical contractor you are working with is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Working with an unlicensed electrical contractor will leave your property vulnerable to damage and faulty repairs. An unlicensed electrician typically does not have insurance which means that any damages that are caused as a result of the work performed will not be covered. Therefore, if there is an electrical fire in your home 6 months after an uninsured electrician worked on it then no insurance company will cover the damages, leaving you to foot the bill.


To check to see if the electrician you are working with is licensed, ask for their contractors license number then look it up online. Working with a licensed contractor gives you peace of mind  in knowing that the contractor has completed the requirements set by the law.


How to find a good electrician for you home


When looking for a good Anaheim electrician for your home you should start by asking your friends and family for recommendations. If you have no friends or family nearby that you can ask you can start by looking online for a list of companies nearby. After you get a list of the companies nearby that provide electrical services, start reading reviews for the companies online, you can find such reviews on sites like yelp and merchant circle. Reading reviews will give you insight into what your experience might be like with that company if you decide to hire them. If you need an electrician in dana point then look no further.

Our experience with a Plumbing Services Company In San Diego Sept 2014

Over the weekend my home started to have some plumbing troubles. I had accidentally flushed something down the toilet that I really should not have and as a result, the toilet has become clogged and unusable. Now the toilet is a pretty crucial part of the home and for my health if you know what I mean, I use it several time a day, so if it is out of commission I’m in trouble.

I quickly realized that I needed to find a plumber to fix my problem before I had to go to the bathroom again! Oh boy! So I started my quest to find the best plumber for the best price I could near where I live which is in Rancho Penasquitos, a sub community located within San Diego. First I started my search online with google, I began to look for companies that have been in business for a while and have long track records that can be traced back upwards of ten years. Then out of those companies that I found I looked for companies that also had positive reviews posted about their business online. By reading the reviews I could kind of figure out what kind of experience the plumbing company might give me if I were to hire them, live vicariously through the reviews of others right?

Which Electric Company Did I Decide To Call?

So I decided to call a few, but the one main one that I liked was Bluediamondplumbing, they have been in the plumbing business in San diego for well over 50 years, that’s a long time! When I called them I told them that I had a plumbing emergency, and I needed a plumber out to my home the same day! That was no problem they told me, in fact, they told me that they could send a plumber to my home within the hour, I agreed.  The plumber that they sent to my scripps ranch home actually arrived within 30 minutes, much to my joy. He was friendly and respectable, he quickly snaked out the problem and fixed my plumbing. Fred from diamond ace contractors is going to be my new Rancho Penasquitos plumber for any future issues!

If you aren’t located here, but instead are more up north in Vista, CA then you can call their division up north as well. They serve all of San diego, ca with plumbing services. They handle everything from drain cleaning, to burst pipes, these guys do it all. To find out more information about Diamond Plumbing San Diego go here.

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Our Experience With Lighting Electric, A San Diego Company

electrical projects

Over the weekend we had a rather large issue with our electrical system in our home. We could not figure out why we were constantly tripping the cirucuit breaker and it was getting very annoying so we decided to call a electrician to come and help us. We found an electrician online that had good reviews and called him to our home for an estimate. We knew that we wanted an electrician and not try and do it ourselves because electricity controls virtually everything in a home and a simple error while making improvements or repairs can produce big troubles. Employing electricians to finish both large and little jobs avoids potential problems and makes sure that job is done right and done right the first time. Even small electrical jobs need to be performed by a licensed and insured electrician, because not doing so can expose your home to electrical fires.

Many individuals incorrectly assume that they will conserve money by avoiding professional electricians. Electrical service providers can complete any repair or installation rapidly which could, in the long run, end up costing less. Hiring an electrical specialist can also help to prevent more problems and issues down the road from poorly completed electrical repairs.

All electricians that work in the state of california must be licensed as per the law. Electricians are required to undergo training and to complete a journeymanship before being able to open their own electrical contractors company.

Even little electrical tasks can prove to be hazardous and costly for anybody other than electrical contractors. Licensed electricians in san diego are experienced and should be able to help you quickly diagnose and fix any electrical issue that you may have in your home. Here is the company that we used to fix our home San Diego Electrician Repair Service, visit their website and give them a call if you need help.

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Defense Lawyers Practicing Criminal Law

criminal lawyer

Over the last weekend or so I had a really bad scare. I was almost arrested downtown after accidently getting into the middle of a brawl that was not my fault. This kind of shook me awake and made me realize just how easy it was to have criminal charges brought up against me. So I decided to look deeper into this to see what I could find. Heres what you need to know about criminal defense attorneys. An attorney concentrated on criminal law is called a criminal law lawyer. Such an attorney specializes in helping someone who is allegedly charged with partaking in a criminal activity, as likewise the government for prosecuting the supposed implicated. A criminal case would usually include a defense legal representative that safeguards the accused, implying the claimed criminal, and another legal representative that stands for the government, referred to as a district attorney. Defense lawyers exercising criminal law can protecting their client against a range of cases, varying from a ticket-less travel to an allegation of criminal activity like murder, whereas prosecutors work for the government for getting the claimed criminal prosecuted.


A lawyer that handles criminal law may be utilized by the government as a prosecutor or by a law firm as a defense attorney, or  practice independently. Sometimes, the government hires such attorneys for defending the accused. These are known as public defenders. In particular countries, the government provides the services of a public defender is the defendant cannot hire an attorney for themselves.

The major task of legal representatives in such cases it to supply legal support to their customers. For lugging their task successfully, it is imperative for the attorneys to ignore their personal view about the case they are defending. A defense attorney requires to safeguard his client of the charges framed, irrespective of his personal belief if the customer is guilty or innocent.

Legal representatives practicing criminal law are needed to appear in court rather often. Apart from the time they require to invest throughout the trial, they also appear in court to represent their client on various celebrations, like bail hearings.

Before appearing in court, a criminal legal representative has to carry out rather a few jobs. When the district attorneys offer a plea bargain to the accused, it is the responsibility of the defense lawyer to discus the subject with the accuseds.



A solid Criminal Defense In San Diego depends on you hiring the right attorney to represent you. This isn’t something to really take lightly. Defense attorneys helping to protect individuals from criminal law are capable of helping their client against a range of cases and charges, differing from a ticket-less travel to an allegation of criminal activity like murder. If you have been arrested for domestic violence visit the San Diego Domestic Violence Lawyer California for a free no risk consultation.